Spring 2021 Internship Deadlines


STEP 1: Obtain an Internship or Co-op position.
 Students are encouraged to use Handshake, Career fairs, networking etc.to secure a position that will allow them to learn skills relevant to their academic major.
 Each department provides specific guidelines to gain academic credit, please check out our page http://careers.kennesaw.edu/hss/ to see summarized requirements for your specific major before continuing onto Step 2.

STEP 2: Completion of the Internship/Co-op Application on Handshake by the Application Deadline of 1/04/21.
 Log on to Handshake : https://kennesaw.joinhandshake.com
 Select “Experiences” from the “Career Center” tab, then select “Request an Experience” to create a new application
 “Experience Type” refers to your actual major listed in Owl Express, not the nature of your work. Be sure to select SPRING 2021 from the drop-down menu
 Enter your position’s SUPERVISOR as the “Work Site Supervisor” in the Approver section and include contact information
 Upload an “Offer Letter” to ensure processing, if no offer letter is listed, we will contact your supervisor through Handshake for approval
Note: You may request an Offer Letter from your supervisor: It should contain position, start date, hours/week and salary
 Be sure to click “Request Experience” at the bottom of the page to finalize and submit your application

STEP 3 Processing and Approving your Application:
 Your application will be reviewed on Handshake by an Internship Advisor to ensure you meet the minimum requirements for your academic program. Each department provides specific guidelines, check out our page http://careers.kennesaw.edu/hss/ to see summarized requirements for your specific major
 Once your application has been APPROVED by your supervisor and Faculty Internship/Co-op Liaison, an Internship Advisor will provide you with a course “override” and email you the CRN & instructions on how to register that you need to follow step-by-step

STEP 4 Registration
 Some Internship/Co-op courses are “Variable Credit” which means you must register for the amount of credits you have been approved for. Instructions will be provided in your approval email.
 You need to register yourself by the last day of Drop/Add (1/15/21 at 11:45 PM)

1/04/21 Application Submission Deadline
1/15/21 at 11:45 PM: FINAL DEADLINE when you MUST BE REGISTERED

INTERNSHIP & CO-OP CREDIT HOURS AND WORKING HOURS CONVERSION* *all credit hour conversions subject to department discretion
Internship Co-op 3 credit hours=10-19 hours worked/week 1 credit hour=10-19 hours worked/week 6 credit hours=20-29 hours worked/week 2 credit hours=20-29 hours worked/week 9 credit hours= 30+ hours worked/week 3 credit hours=30+ hours worked/week

ACADEMIC COURSE – Internships & co-ops are academic courses. Login to D2L for course requirements.

Questions? Email Holly Sedys (hsedys@kennesaw.edu)

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